Add something to wow your guests from a maple glazed salmon to a smoky marinated beef brisket 

Spiced leg of lamb

Slow cooked and finished on our BBQ.

£6.00 per head

1/2 rack of bbq pork ribs

£7.50 per head

Jacobs Ladder

This beef rib will serve 3-4 people as a delishious meaty side, braised in fruit and spice for 10 hours


Side of Salmon

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This side of salmon will serve up to 15 people, please let us know what marinade you would like us to use


Beef Brisket

Texas style smoked beef brisket, this is cooked low and slow, this pairs great with our fruity slaw


Grilled whole pork loin

Whole free range pork loin, cooked with soft herbs, honey and bramley apples, this will serve 12-15 portions


Brazilian Picanha steak

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This is a firm favourite, first we score the cap of the steak, sear on all side to lock in the flavour then slice and grill to order, finally drizzled with chimichurri.
1 whole joint will feed 15-20 people